Please READ the instructions below..

Ensure you were invited with this batch of candidate before taking the test. Click here to see the list of qualified candidates for this test.

This is the final written online test for applicants who took the last Personality Test. At this point,

1. You will NOT need to register again to take this one. We have create a new username

    and password for you. Those are the password and username that we sent you. You only

    need to click on "Login" menu above to fill these details and get logged in. Any registration

    will be deactivated and test taken by such candidate disqualified


2. After login, you will need to upload your scanned Passport Photograph and update your     

    personal information with us. To do this, Click on "My Panel" menu and then 

    "Profile" followed by "Edit" and then "Other Details".  Ensure that you update your email



3. A functional Email address is needed at stage 2 above. You can change your password if

    you so desire


4. When you are ready to take the test, click on "Quiz Menu". The test is monitored by a

    highly secured program.  We can tell your location. Users who  attempt hacking will be

    deactivated and disqualified in 30 seconds after the attempt. You are not allowed to open

    any other application during this test. Close every window and focus only on this

    application otherwise you will be disqualified. If you are not ready to take this test now,

    kindly update your records and come back at a convenient time to do so.


5. You will be timed as the test progresses and logged out as soon as the test time elapses.

    So you will need to devote the 90 minutes meant  for the exercise to focus without



6. To start please click on  "Quiz Menu" above. Ensure you have updated your profile as

    required in 2 above.

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