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As part of our consulting services, we are also a recruitment agency to many outstanding organizations in Nigeria.

Vacancies for June, 2014 : Click here to apply for our June openings. Vacancies exist for


       1)      Engineering Manager

       2)      Utilities Engineer (i/c of Steam Boilers, Electricity  & Electricity Power Generators, Air Compressors, Water Bore-holes)

       3)      Instrumentation Engineer

       4)      Cost Accountant

       5)      Banking Officer

       6)      Stores Manager

       7)      Human Resource Manager


             Required Qualifications:

       Suitable Candidates for any of the above positions would have:

       §       A University Degree, or equivalent qualification in relevant discipline

       §       Membership of appropriate Professional Body

       §       Excellent Interpersonal Relations Skills

       §       Good Communication/Presentation Skills

       §       Strong Organisational ability

       §       Mastery level of Computer/ICT Skills

       §       3 - 5years experience in similar position, in the Manufacturing Industry


          To apply, click here



       Graduate Trainees:

       1)       Electrical/Electronics Engineering

       2)       Mechanical Engineering

       3)       Chemical Engineering

       4)       Industrial Chemistry



       Suitable Candidates would have:

       §  A Bachelor’s Degree with at least 2nd Class (Honours) in Engineering, Industrial Chemistry, or Chemistry

       §  Not more 26 years old

       §  Have concluded the NYSC Programme

       §  Possess analytical, superb numerical, communication, Computer/ICT, and interpersonal relations skills.


       To apply, click here


 Do not take the tests below if you have not been invited. You stand a chance of being disqualified.


Online recruitment test: Qualified candidates are invited from time to time to login and take our recruitment test online. Do not take the test until you are invited for one. If you have been invited to take our test, click here. if you have been invited to do so.


Online Psychological Test: We carry out some minor psychological analysis of each applicant in some recruitment exercises.

To take psychological test for June Vacancies, Click Here if you have been invited.



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